I think it's the "awww" that preceded it that really gives it that oomph

when woodkid said "comе on, big boy, speed up the tempo, I am not the kind that takеs it slow-mo" i felt that

woodkid said come get your yearning, gays

tfw someone follows then blocks you like a week later (?)

me @ younger me's crush on chris pratt: dead dove don't eat

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chris pratt getting the mcu cast to defend his honor is so funny

not Ilhan coming in with the water cooler corsair CPU cooler

Love being blocked by random fandom accounts cause I'm like 80% sure it's cause of star wars

bottoms will top once and be like "you're still not vers? 😏"

fdsakhjfasdklfasdk the operator of the original bitcoin mixer just got hit with money laundering charges

IPv6, DHCPv6, IPv6 RA, NDP Proxy... pls

we're watching who is america and oh my god

i hate staying up so late sometimes cause no one's up and my brain gets spicy

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It's like the internet, but gayer.