you know i'm really bored when i reinstall macos on one of my laptops again

I can’t wait to be a slut again tbh

ngl I love it when kids have an interest in science... shoutout to my fellow encyclopedia readers

me seeing my friends update their antivirus definitions

can't believe the fireflies bitch composed sound effects for iOS 7

pissed at everything and everyone today!!!

i feel like (for me) software engineering was like one of those classes you took in elementary school that taught you something ostensibly useful but practically speaking useless for the majority of people

i've literally never used UML since that class

because it makes total sense to have an email thread pulled to the top of your inbox then need to scroll down to actually view the latest email -_-

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thunderbird is so stupid. you wanna sort your email by date descending? fine. want to thread your emails? fine want to sort threads by date descending? go fuck yourself

thinking about the time shatter got censored to sh*tter

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It's like the internet, but gayer.