idk if i'm really a fan of working from home all the time... :T

Of course I also want to run linux which means GPU support and other driver stuff tends to be wonky

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Me: I want a heavyweight processor on my laptop
Also me: I want my laptop to exclusively charge via USB-C


steelcase finally charged my card for the chair... 🔜

Every time I remember people are still using compiz in 2020 its so wild

god i really am so tempted to swap out my switch for an animal crossing one but i also have a first-gen permahackable switch so :x

just bought myself one of these bad boys... opted for new cause i figure the 12 year warranty is a worthwhile investment

lol @ mastodon furiously pulling in all the toots that redis was too swamped to save before

Alright, apparently redis is ooming on my server

(I do find it funny that rebooting my server Just Worked™️ though)

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I'll have to check when I'm not remoting in from my phone

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lol my mastodon instance shat itself for a couple of days till I rebooted the server. The logs said something about redis not being able to make snapshots? Idk

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nerd couple who keep calling each other nerds boost if you agree

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fascists can have little a punch, as a treat
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Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

What if I finally migrated my desktop from Windows to Linux? I figure I could probably pull it off with Proton these days but I also just switched to an nvidia card and last I heard they're a nightmare to get working under Linux right now (lol)

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It's like the internet, but gayer.