Seeing these people pulling their dicks out in the back of a taxicab… I hope they’re just cabbies with an OnlyFans cause 😬

Beloved, you asked for those posts to be delivered to you

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Beginning to realize that some guys on here being miserable haters about other gay men being terrible… just follow terrible gay men lmao

I feel like worrying about it is paranoid but hey, they said the same about abortion lol

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Supreme Court fuckiness also has me worried about the very real contingent of people who hate the 14th amendment and would love to see it removed

Getting mad at people for being worried about how this’ll affect them instead of performatively Sticking to Posting About Women Right Now is weird especially when you’ve got Clarence Thomas saying we should recriminalize gay relationships and contraception in his concurrence

i need to figure out some way to deal with feeling utterly exhausted on the weekends when i don't take adderall lmao

sorry i'm having a conniption cause someone came up with the term "misogyblanc" as a counterpart to misogynoir

Going out of your way to be bitter in other peoples’ Fathers Day posts is so corny lmao

honestly these AI image generators are a boon for shitposting

still tempted to learn compilers and become a Rust Guy™️

also kind of glad that it's gonna run macOS cause that's gonna be that much harder to break or get out of date

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all of the usb ports were busted save the ones they needed for the keyboard and wifi adapter. smh

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just bought a pink imac for my parents (mostly my mom) cause the office computer broke and they switched to using the barely-usable netflix streaming box i built out of bargain bin parts for my nieces like 7 years ago

every year, a new pride discourse. love it why is it impossible to get a refund from you even after i followed your instructions and requested one (over 3 months ago) when i got the shipping preparation e-mail? kinda hard not to look at this as a scam

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love that i still haven't gotten a refund for my purism phone lmao

oh man these hinges are so much better. the weaker ones are optimized to be easy to open with one hand (so they wobble like shit if you move the laptop around). these new ones are harder to open one handed (like i doubt i could do it on a soft surface) but it doesn't wobble!

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