i wonder what the typical gentoo user is like... i feel like i use it out of familiarity at this point but like what other distro comes with dev headers by default

me: wouldn't it be cute to write web apps in c++
me: [comes across a web app written in c++]
me: oh no. oh god. why

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Wow. An Amazon VP resigned in response to the company's firing spree against whistleblowers who complain about working conditions.

"It’s evidence of a vein of toxicity running through the company culture. I choose neither to serve nor drink that poison."


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It’s still up on Nintendo’s website, but really hard to find and not archived anywhere. Since it’s something I’m nostalgic about and that Nintendo might delete without warning any day now, I’ve archived every version in every language, with every single piece of content I could find.

You need a web browser with Flash support (such as Inernet Explorer 11) to access the site. acmicrosite.demiboy.online/


gonna set up a self-hosted pastebin and filesharing dropbox thing for the laff

spending my morning watching demoscene intros. utterly wild the shit you can fit in 256 bytes

delightful ui things: discord will immediately mute a server indefinitely if you click on the 'mute server' menu entry instead of one of the time options that the drop-down provides

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I came across an article on why "how are you" is a terrible greeting these days and I've never considered it a good greeting

like if you do this I don't blame you, bc it's baked into western culture

but even in the Before Times I was never fine and the scripted question sent me reeling. now nobody's fine and we're faced with realizing that asking someone to assess and summarize their whole situation into "I'm fine" is a terrible idea

checkmate, neutotypicals

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Another thing that was really cool about Windows Phone - for East Asian languages, they actually used vertical typography.

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I don’t approve of humans being horny but I think the charmin bear who wants to fuck the toilet paper is kind of nice with it

Newbies on the instance! Welcome :ms_arms_in_the_air:

idk if i'm really a fan of working from home all the time... :T

Of course I also want to run linux which means GPU support and other driver stuff tends to be wonky

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Me: I want a heavyweight processor on my laptop
Also me: I want my laptop to exclusively charge via USB-C


steelcase finally charged my card for the chair... 🔜

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It's like the internet, but gayer.