kinda mad that i can't apply my starcraft stutter step macro muscle memory to dota 2 because dota 2 implements angular momentum

i hate when i yawn and my shoulder muscles are like "excuse me? bitch? a cramp for you"

vet bills are like mini medical bills except my employer doesn't help with them

oh thank god my cat is eating again😌

saw this restaurant called smashburger today that is clearly trying to lure in gamers through mimickry

I think my DoorDash driver took my dinner 💀

Sometimes you show hole, on private, as a treat

it speaks to the lapsed catholic in me, deeply

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ngl it's kinda sick that biden has a comically huge grimoire of a family bible

so my chair broke randomly and i gotta initiate a warranty claim... thankfully steelcase has a kickass warranty for its chairs

Windwalker is immune to feeblemind. Head empty

Extremely funny to see British TERFs having a meltdown over Biden instituting protections for trans people

I see shit like this and I’m just like... this is gonna be forever isn’t it

I had a dream that someone tried to irl cancel me over old tumblr drama

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It's like the internet, but gayer.