so i guess i'm officially adhd now

actually chris pratt doing a poor italian accent the whole time would be sorta camp

ngl i can tell if you're terminally online by your reaction to chris pratt being cast in movies fdkjhfdlkasj

[smug tech contrarian voice] secure boot is bad actually

that mario movie announcement is so funny

lil nas x getting the recognition he deserves >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Twitter has randomly muted or blocked mutuals lately which is really annoying

Apparently saying “you turned my magikarp into a gyarados if you know what I mean” is “savage and violent” according to

nothing dumber than making an obvious joke and having the Twitter Comedy Police accuse you of stealing a joke like 300 people already made

How’re you gonna call me 10 minutes before my dental appointment to tell me the trays aren’t in yet 😤

Shang-Chi was good, would recomment

sometimes i come on here and im like bro what the FUCK are you on about. and i keep scrolling

tbh sometimes i hate how emotional i am 😖

luv 2 stay up into the wee hours of the morning trying to solve a problem........ why wouldn't i 🤪

Glad she’s finally using the ikea cat bed we bought her like 2 years ago

hate being up at this hour because there's no one to talk to :(

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It's like the internet, but gayer.