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ai generative art has promise in the field of sigil magic, i think

(sigil of take damage now, according to #MidJourney)

someone on discord said they got the fiber stick cloning working so I'm very eager to upgrade :D

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exciting things on the horizon! ordered a fiber SFP stick to replace my **&* fiber gateway entirely. i can't opt out of the rental (lol) but I CAN at least run a proper IPv6 network and not have an invisible NAT table I can't disable! not to mention the gateway snooping on IPv6

I should get a singlet. Eventually. 🤔

How are you supposed to get your second monkeypox shot when steamworks doesn’t schedule a second one for you djdhdoadbdhdjdbd

it's really not doublethink to say "this situation frustrates me" and "there is nothing wrong with this situation"

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Apparently saying “a guy pursued me for weeks but lost interest when I came over, how annoying” is equivalent to saying he lead you on and means you disrespect consent lmao

Honestly never even considered this. How does transit lose when it’s objectively better (trick question)

I need to transition off the ADHD treatment startup thing I signed up for and get with a regular psych… paying 80 bucks a month for something I ought to have covered by insurance is so silly

Love too travel in 110 degree weather

still reeling from the time i was a kid and saw the ad for pokemon johto and i was like "pokemon WHAT"

Oh my good there’s a teen wolf movie coming out

Those memes of that lady on stage making that stank face always crack me up fidjdkdbsjdhudhdb

Sharing marriage equality with Disney gays is unfortunate but it's a price we have to pay for progress

like i remember this one guy i hit up back in seattle cause he talked about tabletop gaming on his profile totally ignored me until i met him at a bar with a friend and suddenly he's very interested in talking cause he wants to sleep with my friend lol

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I do think that focusing on individuals' tastes in guys isn't productive and largely rooted from a place of "why didn't you pay attention to ME" but like also it's incredibly alienating to constantly be ignored and discounted for your looks even when you're not trying to get laid

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It's like the internet, but gayer.