Sometimes. You put music on all of the house speaker... And just vibe.

Which, honestly, is fine for me, just frustrating for people that don't have the technical know-how to manually bridge that gap

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Considering it took me a couple of weeks of spare time to get a working guest agent to show Linux app indicators in the Windows notification area, I have to assume that Microsoft is not truly all-in for the breadth of GUI scenarios for Linux users

idk why but lately apartment fires scare the shit out of me. like especially if you live in a high rise? idk i think a lot of homeowner thinking is bullshit but having to trust everyone you live with not to accidentally burn the place down is certainly a contender

People complaining about being objectified that are only ever interested in interacting with you in a horny way... Inch resting

just remembered the time someone got mad at me on tumblr for saying hairy backs are hot

god help me i might want to take a compilers class

i hate not having time zone synced gorls

honestly i'm a lil honey at the idea of the gpu market getting flooded with aftermarket crypto miner parts when the crypto bubble finishes collapsing

i'm sorry you posted a funny thing and someone found it and re-posted it a year later. i think you will live

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imagine being the kind of person who gets upset when someone reposts your joke on twitter

it's nice that you can buy a 1st gen iphone se off ebay for like 40 bucks

Personally I just think it's funny that my first thought when I saw the original stuff was "ain't that that pokemon chart"

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If only in the sense that there's definitely a push to treat the assistive devices disabled people used as valuable and normal as they enable them to live independent lives so idk, it seems like a nitpick imo

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I saw someone in a thread re: the overwatch Diversity Min-Max Charts saying that having a robot hand isn't the same as being an amputee and I do wonder if that comparison isn't apt?

god, guava nectar is so decadent. your designer handbag doesn't feel as good as this drink tastes

i love writing my gay little agent service to manage my gay little lightweight virtual machines in my gay little notification tray

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It's like the internet, but gayer.