Sorry you’re not gonna get a cast iron case when you order a $40 rosewill box

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I love when computer case reviews are like “this case is too flimsy” because that means “I dropped this case and got mad that it dented”

Love that I swiped to delete text notification from Apple that the Apple TV was ready to pick up and my phone is like “Was this text spam? Report it to Apple”

Swinging by the apple store to grab a 4K Apple TV and there’s a preacher dude in the square with a megaphone preaching against homosexuality, fornication, and weed

I love when you find a draft that’s totally ambiguous though. “You ever feel” yeah

i know people like to be edgy for sport on here but good lord

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caring about old people past when they're "useful" is good actually

tired: clifford the big red dog
wired: breakfast the hot pink bitch

It’s a CGI red dog... how else is he supposed to look

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I don’t think the new Clifford looks bad I think people just want it to be animated lol

The only place I ever really existed as a child on the internet was Neopets. And I still had an account I made that lied about my age from when I was too young to go on the neoboards

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Me, age 13: yes.... I AM in my mid twenties...

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I do think it’s a little wild that people got hit up by child predators as kids on the internet if only because between the internet stranger danger warnings and the desire to move past age filters I would lie and say I was born in 1980 whenever I was online fjdhdisjdbcjd

thinking about her (a hot pink bitch named breakfast)

Check out this gay photography: [white men looking away from the camera artsily]

we've been robbed of jensen ackles looking constipated as he says "i love you" to another man

I feel like my brains crisis alarm has a veer poor signal to noise ratio

casts this question out into the ether in the hope that the muses hear me considering a total of like 1 people following me know what this means

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It's like the internet, but gayer.