honestly if i can't come up with a better use for i might just use it as a file sharing url or whatever. it's such a good domain i feel like i'm obligated to use it

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@alex I just wanna throw out there that is still available as is

@aphyr oh god i really want to get i wish it wasn't like 600 bucks a year

@aphyr i just realized that's a one-time premium fee.... It's 5 bucks a year after. could you consider that an investment?

@alex yeah with the 5/year it's like... JUST high enough to stop me but not impossible

@aphyr @alex It’s like one drunken evening away from being acquired, tbh.

@furioursus @alex I came very close to doing it for this Mastodon instance except for picturing a lifetime of explaining to people "no I'm actually a very subby boy too"

@furioursus @aphyr I was honestly surprised wasn't taken when I went to go register

@aphyr @alex I was inspired by Alex and looked up and, both seem to be available, but priced a tad out of my range for novelty domains... Sadly isn't avaliable :<

@alex *gets nervous they'll fall on the rug and make a mess*

@alex i have several domains like that... need to think of ideas for them

@sneak I used to use it as the domain for my dirty blog on tumblr... now, eh

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