@shello i went to go register my last name as a .com domain when i was younger and i was v. upset to find out it's owned by an investment firm... i just ended up going for a .io instead

@alex Ughh :F I have my first and last name as a .com... I guess I was really lucky to find these two available.

Also, your instance domain is pretty good, tbh. ^^

@Saix @shello @alex indeed!

Most recently, I tried to snatch my first name .dev when Google started selling it... it was already taken

two other friends got theirs, though

@urso yep, there may be no hope for mine. the person who owns seems to enjoy people asking them how they got the domain haha

@Saix has the most neat website mankind has ever created

@Saix can't really complain 😂 if it were mine I'd have slapped it some wordpress or old school wiki engine

@urso same. i need to come up with some new ideas!

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