What if I finally migrated my desktop from Windows to Linux? I figure I could probably pull it off with Proton these days but I also just switched to an nvidia card and last I heard they're a nightmare to get working under Linux right now (lol)

@alex Depends on what you mean by a nightmare to get working is? I'm on an Nvidia card and don't really have that many problems with them

Although it's possible I've just erased all the pain from my mind...

I still mostly boot back into Windows for games though, so that probably won't help you all that much, heh

@lukegb it doesn't play nice with virtualization and the open source driver support is poor (AMD open sourced the core of their driver so afaik its libre support with newer cards is better)

I don't like holding back a kernel upgrade cause a proprietary driver sucks

@lukegb also keep in mind I have a decently recent card (2080 super)

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