NYE dinner courtesy of the very talented boyfriend @Alpha_Hermes@twitter.com! Harissa salmon on seared broccolini w/truffled risotto and harissa sauce 🤤

Just spent the evening switching from Lastpass to 1Password cause this image brought me pause

“As you all know, I own 51% of the voting shares…”

Christmas trip to LA booked… gonna be traveling in style with Miss Keets

Thanksgiving family photo boyfriend crop ft. @Alpha_Hermes@twitter.com and my godmother

Finally got my new laptop more or less set up right :3c

me: [shopping for invisalign accessories] oh, they make pride-themed munchies? sure, why not
Esthetic Orthodontic Company of America: you moron. you fool. you idiot fruit. have some patriotism

Every time I see azealia banks show up on my timeline I’m just tempted to remind everyone involved about how she’s not “justified in her rage against white gay men” or whatever, she’s just a fucking bigot and y’all look like clowns

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