Every time I see azealia banks show up on my timeline I’m just tempted to remind everyone involved about how she’s not “justified in her rage against white gay men” or whatever, she’s just a fucking bigot and y’all look like clowns

So the other day we stopped by this gift shop and purchased this adorable little cat vase and now we’re using it as a cat grass planter 🥰

Glad she’s finally using the ikea cat bed we bought her like 2 years ago

We have opened the borders to Kittonia as she attempted to escape 3 times in a row. She still wobbles a bit when walking but lord is she over her prison

Kitty is absolutely LOVING her new heating pad 🥰

She has a stomach infection of some kind. We got medicine for her and the vet taught us how to give her fluids too. She’s cuddled up and content now though

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We’ve started bringing her up on the couch with us till she decides she needs something

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It's like the internet, but gayer.