Not this product photo featuring a yassified cat

So my godmother took this photo of us with kitty and we literally can’t get over it

Why make a free to play game with in app purchase DLC when you can do that but also sell the game itself for money for a while too

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EA making The Sims 4 base game free to play after putting out a million expansions is genius actually

Man, I forgot the feeling of digging into a good novel 😊

Thanks to this is the commute to work mood

I know life happens, no one is obligated to be friends with anyone, etc etc but it does feel pretty shitty when you make an effort to keep in touch with someone you care about and they just… don’t lol

I love this stupid idea that men are supposed to have standards but women with standards are unreasonable. They make up excuses about natural order and tradition but the reality is they want hot girls but they know the only way they have a chance is if the girl has no standards

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inside me are two wolves

one wants to live in the city

the other wants to live in a warehouse in rural somewhere or other.

sometimes i wish you could send images via dota 2 chat so i could send people memes. i know it's not a good idea though cause i'd probably get gore sent to me for not letting someone last hit all game

monkeypox vaccine pt. 2 really is as itchy as they say

It always makes me giddy when people make a point to let me know they like my T-shirts lmao

crying how have i played dota for 1800 hours

They’re selling dual vibrators on Facebook now?????? Wild

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Hello Facebook what is going on in here on this day

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It's like the internet, but gayer.