(I do find it funny that rebooting my server Just Worked™️ though)

I'll have to check when I'm not remoting in from my phone

lol my mastodon instance shat itself for a couple of days till I rebooted the server. The logs said something about redis not being able to make snapshots? Idk

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nerd couple who keep calling each other nerds boost if you agree

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Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

@lukegb also keep in mind I have a decently recent card (2080 super)

@lukegb it doesn't play nice with virtualization and the open source driver support is poor (AMD open sourced the core of their driver so afaik its libre support with newer cards is better)

I don't like holding back a kernel upgrade cause a proprietary driver sucks

What if I finally migrated my desktop from Windows to Linux? I figure I could probably pull it off with Proton these days but I also just switched to an nvidia card and last I heard they're a nightmare to get working under Linux right now (lol)

Updated my personal website to be simpler... Still need to put up my new PGP key and updated resume lol guzman.io/

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imagine if they made another KotOR... Imagine

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that one person your mutual keeps boosting but you dont follow? theyre part of the Extended Fediverse and not really canon

If I had al.ex i would be so powerful. too bad .ex domains don't exist and it would probably cost thousands to register anyway

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