Personally I love how inuyasha made sesshoumaru be like sort of an antagonist but they didn’t make him an outright villain or an ally

I’m celebrating the perf review I was stressing about going well 🎉

The first time I heard about the miasma theory of illness from the dark ages I was like oh??? Naraku??????

I wish my brain wasn’t so scattered and I could put together a dnd campaign cause I have some Ideas™️ but I can’t execute them in the urn (anti-magic sphere)

Love getting feedback that includes several teammates gassing me up 😊

I feel wary when I see someone criticize western medicine cause idk if they mean “doctors are racist” or “Dr Sebi fan”

Sorry but Lois Lane just doesn’t exist in my brain so every time I see an ad for Superman and Lois my brain is like LOIS GRIFFIN???

one time when i was a kid i found an ipod in a freeway underpass and last year i lost my airpods in a rental car and found a pair on the ground like a week later

Like egg white box isn’t a hot look but neither is magenta, neon green, and navy

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I get that renovations can often kill the appeal of older decor and all but it’s funny when sometimes these old houses will have the most garish clashing paint scheme before they painted it over lol

What would you even DO with discarded foreskins

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I just saw a Qanon meme talking about adrenochrome and a “foreskin supply” and it took me a second to realize that they were being 100% sincere and antisemitic

This isn’t actually an internet-specific phenomenon but it is where you see it the most these days

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Love the brand of internet feminist who sees unreasonable standards being put on women and says “men should go through this too”

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It's like the internet, but gayer.