Honestly my only criticism out the gate of that queer healthcare service is that they literally called themselves “folx”

sophia update: she's still wobbly but she's been gradually trying to walk around more. she's eating/drinking and using the litter box with less and less assistance and standing up more, so we're hopeful she's gonna gradually improve like the vet said she might

what's another fairly low learning curve (preferably fps) game with quick matches? i need something to play when i want to burn 5-10 minutes that's not overwatch

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my cat does this thing where he's small and soft. Every day he does this.

Looks like they have to keep Sophia overnight to give her fluids. Still don’t know why she’s struggling to walk. Please keep her in your thoughts 😔

We’re at the SPCA getting her checked out now 😔

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dead space remake... my pussy is leaking

Tumblr adding monetization is so funny

sorry that sigma beach skin is so funny

i do find it funny when people are like "play apex instead of overwatch" as if they're interchangeable gameplaywise

[farmers insurance jingle tune] we are faggots

i can't fully relate to the "virus off of limewire" meme because i never fell prey to the bait and switch for a song file, but i *did* fall for shady video game piracy shit

I will not apologize for becoming unhinged when I hear Magia by Kalafina

viscerally upset at the fact that i occupy physical flesh-based form

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It's like the internet, but gayer.