jksdhfasdj i was cleaning under my desk while blasting music and i kept feeling something brushing my arm when nothing was there and it took 10 minutes of this occurring multiple times for me to realize the subwoofer was sending gusts of air to the bass beat

Every time I recite all of Mr. Brightside from memory I'm like yeah... Still got it 😏

George Foreman grill... Game changer

I really love it when I excitedly share something with someone I care about and all I get is crickets. Yes girl keep giving me nothing

My boyfriend and I do not have time to go shopping for new fat clothes!!!!

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Just bought a fold up exercise bike lads

Walter Mercado biopic coming out this week on Netflix

twitter notifying me about some italian composer passing away like i have any clue who the hell they're talking about

I'm sorry but if you really think Democrats are gonna lose because of Kanye West... ☠️

covid criminalization is less about doing what's best for the community and more about satisfying the knee-jerk desire to see people punished

Frankly quite alarming how many of you will read a story about a person doing something reckless and dying from covid and walking away with a "so what, they deserved it" type attitude

The amount of gay guys uncritically supporting covid criminalization... I hate it here

Thinking about heavy assault nuns

Watching Warrior Nun and this shit slaps so far

your art form isn't inherently degraded by providing an option for people to experience it besides in-person. get over yourself

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It's like the internet, but gayer.