God I really am the luckiest boy in the world 🥰🥰🥰

Made @Alpha_Hermes@twitter.com laugh nearly to the point of tears earlier... love to hear that laugh 🥰

Just nabbed this beauty from the latest @StaffandBranch@twitter.com drop

Wait they’re getting rid of indoor mask mandates too? Mess

The funniest part is the idea that working in Bitcoin makes them more attractive instead of being like hazard coloration

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I for one am quite happy to go about in public maskless again

listening to new doss tracks... i'm LIVING

@aphyr it's even better when you've spent the past year fantasizing about it and you get to taste it at long last

tfw the taste of his pits is still all over your tongue

In related news, @Alpha_Hermes@twitter.com is a cuddly hunk who somehow manages to be hotter in person

Got to spend the day with @Alpha_Hermes@twitter.com yesterday... So nice to finally hang out with dad and in person 🥰

Bars have dancers out again... wrow

Had a dream about IBM but it was BMI instead

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It's like the internet, but gayer.