Why does wine make me a weepy drunk I wonder

lil nas serving the gay cowboy/anime villain aesthetic we don't deserve...

thinking of how lil nas does that every time

I’ve had a disadvantage on all rolls for the past month girl

ngl one of the better developments of adulthood is how often I’ll pass a mirror and be like “hey handsome”

lime and tapatio truly make anything edible

oh wig thoretically that "one dose every three months" prep shot could also be used for hiv suppression (though i imagine it would still need two other equally long-lasting shots?)

Also I always got the actor that plays Francis confused with Neil Patrick Harris for some reason

Why does chipotle’s keto bowl have to be so spicy 😢

Kinda losing my mind thinking about an OF gay staying closeted for the sake of his homophobic straight guy porn persona

Me, answering the door for the UPS guy in a jockstrap and a “deliveries in rear” T-shirt: hey

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It's like the internet, but gayer.