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i'm kinda hooting @ npm founder dude going private after getting dunked on for his "childless people are privileged" tweet

My cat never likes any of the things I buy her! Unbelievable

tfw you win a match and someone on the other team is mad about it

every time i read "sksksks" on here i remember that video of doctor phil reading tweets and saying it out loud

role queue definitely made overwatch less fun imo

how do you even go around asking for someone to tattoo your asshole

the facebook woozy face emoji kills me every time

Just walked past a dude strolling down market and lighting his meth pipe

"anti-gay advocate Katy Perry" has me ctfu every time

I think it's so funny I go the extra mile to take care of my cat but I'm down to live off ramen if I need to

mobas are just synonymous with the most toxic parts of the gaming community to me so i have to laugh

i sign into the pokemon moba. pikachu calls me a faggot and wishes cancer on my mother

A Pokemon MOBA is so fucking funny to me

I'm proud of her following in my weeb footsteps

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omg my niece is a total weeb and she followed me on Instagram from her AMV posting account

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It's like the internet, but gayer.