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otherwise how do they even plan to enforce it... lord

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if millions of people are evicted simultaneously police departments are basically gonna be doing evictions 24/7 aren't they

i would actually consider a look like that black/gold one if 1) i didn't bite my nails compulsively and 2) i could be bothered to maintain it

my life is split into two portions: before i saw the mac os x 10.5 wallpaper and after i saw it

I wonder if matte nail polish would look better

(i know this is wishful thinking leave my ass olone)

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me when i see a hot guy: i just know his hole tastes good i just know it

The scene where he and lagertha invite him to their bed. STILL iconic

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As a rule of thumb you only get a faggot pass from me if I've seen you publicly fly the faggot flag (aka label yourself as such)

Watching Vikings with the boy... Ragnar still sexy

Finding out that Ian Miles Cheong doesn't even live in the US is wild

Me finding out why Capitol Hill is called Capitol Hill: 🥺😣😓😭

I guess it helps that chocolate can taste good without much sweetness

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Keto ice cream bars are good. Idk about the ice cream alone

Interestingly enough not everything has to be Praxis™

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It's like the internet, but gayer.