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9/0/12 KDA we're eating good tonight girls

i was debating signing up for fitness sf again once it reopened but someone crashed a car through the one down the street so

instead of crop tops we should do shirts with necklines that reach your belly

Furry flash animations be like splort

so tired of flatpaks... the cold boot perf is so awful, even with an SSD

borat really changed the game like no one will ever be able to talk about their wife the same again

apparently the package was for the boyfriend

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I think they tried to deliver my LTE card while we were out doing laundry 💀

that queer author discourse is radioactive

still gagged @ the video for goliath. the cinnamon topography.........

honestly goliath would make a great character theme... what a mood

tfw one of your favorite artists retweets you gushing about them

i know "cumming to my senses" is an overdone joke but like where's the lie

is he... you know... of gay descent

It's funny how people interpret the video in different ways. Like some people interpret the forest spirit creature things as chasing/berating the kid when I interpreted it as them equipping and assisting him lol. they literally throw him a sword and armor

currently obsessed with woodkid music videos now, check this shit out

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It's like the internet, but gayer.