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Thinking about how dirty Dexter did deb... Smh

he's talking about his keikaku on the internetto

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Watching the new episodes of sword art online and these subtitles.................

i love when people say "windows has a powerful command line too" because i never know whether they either mean "i use powershell" (lol) or "i think cmd.exe is a good and usable shell" (girl what)

The deep lore is the rest of my ballot mattering more than who I end up voting for president 🧐

Me: installing my doorbell
The chime: going off every five seconds as the screwdriver shorts the wire

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Love wiring my doorbell while the electricity is live bc I can't find the breaker for my door chime transformer

This apartment is so nice but so strange... I can't figure out how to cut power to the doorbell so I can't install the Nest Hello till I figure out if there's some sort of master breaker or something...

just cracked up remembering "eric was a little too quick to call her a hag"

ngl that iphone 12 mini got me eyeing apple again

My kitchen has two ethernet ports. Why? Because I could

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My apartment is now wired with 12 (twelve) ethernet jacks... I'm too powerful

the upshot is that first person got me an appointment set up today, which is much faster than i expected

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i messaged this company yesterday about terminating my ethernet, and one of them got back to me like "yeah we do that, here are our rates" and started setting up an appointment, then this morning another person from that same company emails me like "sorry we don't do residential"

Hello why did this electrical company mention it's "union labor rates" when they told me they're too expensive for residential services

That dexter gave us isaak sirko only to kill him off... Tragique

The gays move in... They modify the plumbing...

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It's like the internet, but gayer.