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I think instead of trying to firmly categorize historical figures into concrete identities perhaps we should simply acknowledge their deviation from heterosexual norms and accept that anything definitive beyond that is speculation and therefore getting territorial is pointless

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People really love to apply modern concepts of sexual identity to people who didn’t frame their sexuality that way historically 🙈

Sometimes you see a take and you just say “nah bro” and move on

(considering i spent several hundred dollars getting it cleaned and painted i was gonna be mad as fuck if they tried to get more)

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NUUUUUUT the landlord only deducted 100 from our security deposit for some cleaning

oh man he's interred with his wife in socal? girls........ we gotta do it. two birds one piss

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what if we organized a field trip to ronald reagan's grave to piss on it once corona vaccine is out. concepts

Guess whose cholesterol and blood sugar levels are poppin

me when i was a depressed teenager: what if i wrote a kernel
me now that i am a depressed adult: what if i wrote a kernel

Still lose it every time I hear the opening notes to this

[cleans the kitchen while caramelldansen blasts from the speaker]

discovering 100 gecs as a result of that star trek video is truly a wild ride

i've been cracking up at this for like five minutes now

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the fact that this is literally a paraphrasing of the text though

Sesshoumaru: father why did you leave me this sword... what does it mean
His dad: take care of your brother
Sesshoumaru: no ❤️

Sesshoumaru hating Inuyasha but being such a daddy’s boy is so funny to me

I just want the rupee sound when I get an email :(

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I could set up an ActiveSync->IMAP bridge but that's too much effort for not enough payoff i think

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Stock Mail app:
+ Custom notification sounds
- No Gmail push notification

Gmail app:
+ Gmail push notifications
- No custom notification sounds

Google pls

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It's like the internet, but gayer.