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Like he’s gonna be out of office in a couple of weeks anyway how fast do you think impeachment moves

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What would be the point of impeaching trump at this point other than making people Feel Good™️

goddddddddddd my bf is watching courage the cowardly dog in the living room and i'm hearing it from here and living

just bought my parents a new mattress cause they deserve it tbh

remember learning my confessional prayers and the one that stuck with me the most was the one where you're basically repeating "it's my fault" like okay power of repetition

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no wait i lied it was sneaking off during mass to go to the sunday school classrooms and eat snacks

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my favorite part of growing up catholic was all the statues of emaciated tortured jesus (with obligatory bleeding gash in his side)

the bits where they edit his clips into korean....

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can't stop thinking about the trump sour candy edit

what're some of y'all's favorite video game soundtracks? i feel like halo is the classic one for me

seeing people show their box-of-cables organizational schemes is making me itch to sort through the giant tangle of cables sitting on the shelf in the office room

the intense pleasure i feel when i've fully cleaned and organized a room vs. my brain's insistence on not doing that unless Everything Is Just Right

every day the universe insists on violence toward me by putting a******a b***s on the TL

Sometimes you just gotta turn the shower on to the hottest water setting and sit under the shower for an hour

Personally I would be interested in knowing if my doctor decided to take an international vacation in the middle of a pantaloon

ngl it still sucks when you care about someone more than they care about you 🤡

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It's like the internet, but gayer.