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As much as I can understand the resentment towards Rush Limbaugh, and honestly I do! I'd like to say to those who are actually going to the extent of celebrating his death, I hope you take a moment to think of your water intake while you're partying. It's good to stay hydrated.

sf 2014 was an iconic summer indeed

i remember being a kid and dreaming of having one of those expensive-ass portable console kits that strapped an LCD monitor and a battery onto a fucking Xbox

Always love when you see something on the TL and it makes you think of someone and you go to send it to them when you realize they’re the ones that retweeted it

I don’t get why guys who get huge followings posting thirst traps complain when people aren’t interested in their other content

Maybe it’s time for me to get a septum piercing and lay it to rest 😤

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It’s funny cause I used to be aboard the normalization train but now I’m like I want there to be no ambiguity. I want cis straight people to know I’m a card carrying faggot and just deal with it

Projecting your sin into an N-dimensional space

paying $100 to replace a 3 year old busted iPad with a new one that has 4x the storage? yass

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new ipad pro arrived today... who'd have guessed home electronics insurance is good

I wish I’d gotten the photo when I woke up in bed and looked down beside me to just see four lil paws sticking out of the blanket

i wonder how hard it would be to get myself up to canada

update: dealt with the weather, have coffee

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want to get coffee, don't want to deal with weather

Is the “right in front of my salad” lady allowed to watch gay porn? Asking for a friend

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It's like the internet, but gayer.