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My cat purring on my lap vs my desire to have food and coffee

Thinking about recurring mini bosses got me to realize that my mental image of Ever while playing Tantal was basically Ghirahim

Jesus has respawned and he now has two additional health bars

PLEASEEEEEEEE georgiou fucking up the holos had me hooting

me watching philippa georgiou: idk... she’s kind of a baddie

sometimes i've seen people capitalize latinx as LatinX and i HATE it my brain immediately goes "FraternityX spinoff site"

I’m actually pretty glad I didn’t get a Harry Potter tattoo before she went full mask off cause I used to be OBSESSED as a kid 😬

Have to feel like they saw this in the corner once the tattoo was complete

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It’s always really unfortunate to see someone sporting a deathly hallows tattoo

imagine lil nas x doing poppers in a music video. the drama

I don't think there's anything wrong with people putting their COVID vaccination status on their dating profiles any more than any other health indicator. It is funny to see "fully vaccinated" be the extent of it though because it DOES sound make you sound like a shelter dog

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It's like the internet, but gayer.