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Fantastic day to put on some good music and enjoy the sun ☀️

The lube selection at Walgreens is homophobic. All astroglide and KY jelly

i just remembered the atrocious 2 am vibe check marccus sent my way last night while i was asleep. i feel like it disturbed my dreams even before i saw it

guys calling me daddy is very ????????

I think I just want to make out with a hairy pit in a bar again

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Had a weird dream where I was at a bar and some weirdly catty gay was trying to make me jealous of him cause he was with this hot dude but I ended up leaving with the hot guy cause I was the one down to make out with his pit

really is wild to think how old some of these internet protocols are

Jesus, the FedEx workers not being allowed to have phones and being unable to call for help or call their loved ones just reminds me of the triangle shirtwaist factory. How fucking awful.

Why are people mad about gay reality tv happening... let us have a piece of the trashy pie

Me @ my boyfriend: hey gamer (derogatory)

sorry i'm obsessed with the image of someone screaming my name like the dad from alvin and the chipmunks screams alvin. i love it

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It's like the internet, but gayer.