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Isaac is my fav castlevania character tbh

(By bath I mean filling a tub as opposed to a standing shower)

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As a kid I never took baths so I never understood the appeal of soaking in a tub but now as an adult aware of Epsom salts I’m channeling this right now

Taking an epsom salt bath and using my phone at the same time... living dangerously

Marccus broke ground when he posted like “my blacklist stopped working for a second and y’all are STILL talking about Frozen???”

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I love when people make posts to tell you they’re blocking a topic... Just come out and tell people to shut up about it, beloved

Got my new dice box from today. Pairs gorgeously with the dice I got from 😚

I think gay people are simply ready to use any excuse to post a shirtless selfie. And that’s okay

God I really am the luckiest boy in the world 🥰🥰🥰

Made laugh nearly to the point of tears earlier... love to hear that laugh 🥰

Just nabbed this beauty from the latest drop

Wait they’re getting rid of indoor mask mandates too? Mess

The funniest part is the idea that working in Bitcoin makes them more attractive instead of being like hazard coloration

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I for one am quite happy to go about in public maskless again

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It's like the internet, but gayer.