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Literally right from the get go I’m like oh so you’re not trying at all

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Me watching Fear Street 1994: Calibri was literally invented in 2002 you clowns!!!!!! Unbelievable

"your boos mean nothing, i've seen what makes you cheer" is such a mood

lmao so apparently being a windows insider means i automatically got upgraded to windows 11

Honestly being made of flesh is cringe

aced a history check in space gaym because orrin is a longtime Gaped By Goliaths subscriber

The hills people choose to die on… and for what

actually can they just feel each other up and go

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gay men who think they're incapable of being misogynists vs. gay men who refuse to acknowledge straight women being invasive in queer spaces, go

Can’t drink. Can’t smoke. Can’t suck dick. What’s the point

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Having my tooth extracted right before pride is homophobic!

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It's like the internet, but gayer.