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i forget that hacker news is filled with the type of people who are still joe rogan fanboys... cringe

i'm so eager to get fucked again it's insane 😭

god, if you're out there, i'm ready to be a mother

what even is my sleep schedule lmao

idk why i woke up at 6 am today but we're here

he was like "so did you want to discuss weight management?"

why yes sir i have noticed the 30-odd pounds i gained back! what clued you in

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my doctor lowkey called me fat today

i love when my performance review season is coming up and the entire week/day building up to it my brain is like "DEFCON 0: DEATH APPROACHES" then i do fine and i breathe for a few seconds again


I just caught whispering "we really shouldn't be doing this" down at his burger

it's funny cause i HAVE grown fond of the word faggot and describe myself that way but one of the biggest hurdles for a long time was having people use it maliciously during petty internet drama with the full intent of upsetting people lol. it's ugly

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i feel like that's common sense though like it's not reclaiming to use a slur as a slur fkdsahfldskf

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i think my biggest issue with reclaiming "faggot" is how many people actively (and maliciously) call other people that when they aren't comfortable with that term

We have opened the borders to Kittonia as she attempted to escape 3 times in a row. She still wobbles a bit when walking but lord is she over her prison

getting dyson sphere program and satisfactory cause i'm told they're in the same niche and they're 1) better and 2) not made by devs who have gone out of their way to be assholes

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apparently the factorio developer is an alt-right asshole. shame! left a negative review indicating as much lmao

I don’t even really go here but I’ll always laugh at homotheatrics

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that RPDR queen getting upset over winning is very funny

Gay Final Destination would be a hoot

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It's like the internet, but gayer.