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decided to watch the artemis fowl movie for shits and giggles and i'm literally constantly irritated at how badly they've butchered the source material

y'all ever just feel like eating 20 fruits

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Sniffing other men's pits to get a sense of their Major Himbo-compatibility Complex

honestly i think it's fucking hilarious that vision could have killed thanos in a heartbeat but he was too much of a liberal

So the other day we stopped by this gift shop and purchased this adorable little cat vase and now we’re using it as a cat grass planter 🥰

i hate that twitter tantalizes you by including hidden quote tweets in your counts... are they hating, are they loving it, who knows

please shut the terrible song up i'm trying to hear the grunts sir

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ngl whoever decided porn needs to have music was wrong and that's that

so i guess i'm officially adhd now

actually chris pratt doing a poor italian accent the whole time would be sorta camp

ngl i can tell if you're terminally online by your reaction to chris pratt being cast in movies fdkjhfdlkasj

[smug tech contrarian voice] secure boot is bad actually

that mario movie announcement is so funny

lil nas x getting the recognition he deserves >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Twitter has randomly muted or blocked mutuals lately which is really annoying

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It's like the internet, but gayer.