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h8 being in my feelings like this but here we are

Love going out to brunch with cause we always get along great with the staff and generally have an awesome time. Today we had brunch and hung out with some cool people at the bar and the bartenders. It was lovely and we ended up getting most of our drinks for free!

NYE dinner courtesy of the very talented boyfriend! Harissa salmon on seared broccolini w/truffled risotto and harissa sauce 🤤

Just watched the queen of the universe finale. Highway robbery i tell you

It also helps that 1Password feels more polished overall lmao

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Just spent the evening switching from Lastpass to 1Password cause this image brought me pause

Holy shit you can buy at home PCR tests

At the eagle here in LA and lord is the bartender gorgeous

My brother got me D&D Monopoly for Christmas lmao

hey oomfs with ps5s, how did you manage to score? i'm looking to get my nieces one as a late christmas gift but i've never bothered to look for myself before cause it seems like a major pain in the ass

Completely forgot the matrix premieres in the Castro tonight

got pider man tickets for tonight >:3c

Went to the bathhouse, sucked an employee's dick,

“As you all know, I own 51% of the voting shares…”

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