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one day i know i'm gonna end up replacing my home server setup with a rackmount one... one day

gave the office a long overdue cleanup (including dusting my servers) and boy does it feel nice

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I'd like to add that I asked #intel #linux #wifi engineers for help with this issue, without any response. So much for "many eyes make bugs shallow". If people in this community cannot freely share their knowledge because they are under #NDA, you can forget about getting the right set of eyes looking at your code.

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ngl I'm pretty amped I managed to get my nieces that PS5 cause I fully expected not to be able to get one on time lmfao. and it's the disc edition too

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Really cool photos by Aydin Büyüktaş, who used a drone to capture 18-20 pictures then stitched them together to make warped landscapes.

Neat! Like a ring world farm house.

Migrating my domains off google domains... Hopefully no issues with that! :x

I need walking shoes that don't get wet in a heartbeat and workout shoes!

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bit the bullet and ordered shoes off the internet cause apparently there's nowhere cheap to buy shoes these days (at least reliably)

Addiction is insidious and it kills good people every day, doubly so in a time of intense stress and social isolation

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Tried to reach out to a friend recently and I got a text this morning from one of his friends that he died a bit over a month ago. Started the day off with a real gut punch. 😞

Honestly the biggest incentive to move over to fastmail is their integration with 1Password to generate random emails for services (like iCloud does for Apple ID logins)

honestly I should move my personal domain email stuff over to like fastmail or something but having a grandfathered in free google apps account makes it very hard to motivate myself to 1) move and 2) pay

i feel like it's wild to anyone with common sense but the organizers okayed it and people are definitely still gonna go so. lmao

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the fact that mal 2022 is still happening is so wild to me. like HELLO

people on here believing in sex addiction... lord

the way it was easier to order an at-home molecular test for COVID than to get an antigen test in-store

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It's like the internet, but gayer.