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Personally I don’t mind being pandered to as a homo. All sorts of people are pandered to, nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t make it more than it is imo

microsoft shoving a bing search widget in the middle of your desktop that ignores both your browser and search engine preferences... *chef's kiss*

He was like “yeah I opened the door to his basement and smelled the stench of death and that’s when a girl KNEW she had to run”

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Young gays being mean to older gays is stupid on its own merits but also they’re never gonna talk to some of these old queens and hear stories like the one I just heard from a guy talking about how he got picked up in his go-go days by a dude who was almost surely a serial killer

As someone that wrote toy operating systems as a teenager To Cope™️ I empathize deeply

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SerenityOS is impressive on its own merits but the fact that it was born as a passion project by a person in recovery from addiction to help them through it is so badass

someone got mad at me on dota 2 for saying they were exhibiting maidenless behavior and called me an incel fkljdsfgsdfkhfgdlsk

it sucks when your sexual partners have respiratory conditions cause you'll get all hot and heavy planning a fuck date only for the pollen index to cockblock you

i bet the terfs upset about the trans sex ed seminar are all bad at sex, even with other cis people, because they can't wrap their heads around doing something to please your partner

got these lil fruit bars from costco and they're SO good... they're literally just made from fruit and nothing else. they're designed to fit in your PURSE

Honestly never foresaw pupusas on store shelves here

i will say the (terrible) silver lining to paying all my student loans off before the possible forgiveness stuff came around is that i'm not disappointed by the inevitable bait and switch he pulled cause i had no skin in the game anymore

some leftists after children have literally been massacred by assault weapons, for some bizarre reason: guns don't kill people, (bigoted) people kill people

Unexpectedly realizing you have a long weekend... iconic

why do i constantly feel like i have my airpods in even when i don't

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It's like the internet, but gayer.