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Hating this new era of things making me feel like a hypochondriac

i'm inordinately excited for the arm64 networking box i ordered to get here so i can set up a Fancy Network™️ with VLAN tagging and network isolation and all that jazz

lmao i was fumbling with logging into to uninstall all the blizzard games i never bothered to uninstall and in the process i got the bnet account locked

Being sore all over from vaccination for a bit beats monkeypox by any measure but like... both my arms hurt now 😭

ups tracking being broken constantly... why this

I love animal rescue videos on Facebook cause a lot of the time it’s the most heartwarming stories but sometimes you see them rescuing animals that have been abused by people and those kill me 😔

My legs are sore as hell from standing for hours and my face is sunburnt as SHIT but I got my first round of monkeypox-be-gone

lmao the line at steamworks for the monkeypox vaccine

I think it’s wild when you’re at the weed shop and the little checkout system asks if you want to leave a tip. For weed. That already comes packaged up and everything

I also wonder about the veracity of her birthday considering it’s the same day (month/day wise) as the day they left her at the shelter

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Question: anyone have any advice on how to see if a cat is social/friendly with a puppy? Our cat was an only cat before we adopted her and the paperwork said “no” for kids/other pets but we wanna see it that’s true (as she’s a VERY chill cat and has never had issues with people)

When your boyfriend is mid D&D Online but you wanna make sure he remembers

Love too see my friends serving looks

the weeknd really went off with blinding lights tbh

Seeing these people pulling their dicks out in the back of a taxicab… I hope they’re just cabbies with an OnlyFans cause 😬

Beloved, you asked for those posts to be delivered to you

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It's like the internet, but gayer.