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it’d be hilarious if you could make your circle public and curate it like your MySpace top 10

I never did understand this impulse but especially in this day and age like hello

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Just watched a man lick his fingers before reaching over to grab a paper form at this FedEx office

I never learn from my folly (trash is too full)

A tender moment of kitty loving (photography by

women calling gay men homophobes for clowning on Harry Styles 💀💀💀

Sometimes you just have to put Rasputin on and get out of bed

finally watching for all mankind and episode one got me hooked immediately lmao

The worst thing about having a post-last call adventure of a night is no one is up to talk about it

Maybe being known isn’t a mortifying ordeal sometimes

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Went out tonight and felt like a genuine catch ☺️

It feels like Just The Right Amount of Phone

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Been using a 2022 iPhone SE I bought to take with me while traveling to Ottawa (mainly in case it was lost/stolen while I’m traveling so it’s cheaper to replace) and I actually really like it

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ai generative art has promise in the field of sigil magic, i think

(sigil of take damage now, according to #MidJourney)

someone on discord said they got the fiber stick cloning working so I'm very eager to upgrade :D

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exciting things on the horizon! ordered a fiber SFP stick to replace my **&* fiber gateway entirely. i can't opt out of the rental (lol) but I CAN at least run a proper IPv6 network and not have an invisible NAT table I can't disable! not to mention the gateway snooping on IPv6

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It's like the internet, but gayer.