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I'm watching LotR:FotR (one of my comfort movies) while waiting for the edibles to kick in. I got to the scene where Boromir nicks himself on Narsil, and I somehow got the thought of erotically sucking away the blood and challenging his pretensions to heterosexuality by use of alluring witticism.

I'm not even *in* to Boromir.

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I just got to the part where Frodo drops the Ring in the snow heading up to Caradhras.

Boromir needs a Blowjob Assistant to distract him each time he starts thinking about the Ring. I nominate Merry and Pippin.

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Boromir wanna snatch the Ring. Boromir need a succ.


Fellowship is *so* much a better movie than 2 and 3. The battles are shorter and more serious/less comedic. The character stuff is better. There's no splitting time between viewpoint characters, so Fellowship can actually use its running time for the main storyline effectively. The scenery is prettier.

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